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CHIMNEY SWEEPING: Whether you own a wood burner, multi flue stove, open fireplace or AGA we can sweep the chimney or flue from top to bottom. Using traditional and modern techniques and CCTV leaving you with a safe and clean flue and chimney.

We issue insurance recognised Chimney Sweeping Certificates after every sweep.

For a wood burner, stove (lined flue) £50 (Basic Rate) 
For an open fire or stove (unlined flue) or inglenook: £50 (Basic rate)
I offer discounts if your property has multiple fireplaces and chimneys

STOVE MAINTENANCE: Stoves are a fantastic addition to any home, they do require maintenance and repairs. Spencer will advise on any issues and can repair faults on site and/or contact the manufacturer for parts.

CHIMNEY LINERS: Most woodburner installations will have a chimney liner made of stainless steel. These are only temporary installations, they can perish over time and will need replacing. We offer a liner replacement service.

SMOKE TESTING: Smoke testing a chimney is necessary to ascertain the integrity of the chimney, wether you are opening up an previously unused chimney or installing a stove or woodburner. We are able to issue a smoke testing certificate.

BIRDS NEST REMOVAL: Nesting birds and vermin are a common problem in chimneys. We are able to remove them only at certain times of the year.
YOUR WOODBURNER OR FIREPLACE: The surrounding flooring will be carefully covered and protected with sheets and cloths, we are always careful and respectful of your property leaving no damage, soot or debris.
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